Social media recruitment is proven.

Current recruitment methods failing?

The recruitment market has turned.

There are now more job vacancies than job seekers.

In a candidate driven market, successful recruitment takes more than just advertising and marketing. It takes the addition of social media, used the right way.

For 2 reasons.

Job seekers know it’s their market and they’re checking out you and your company’s social media behaviour before they reply or apply.

Those not looking or even hiding, can be engaged and attracted to your opportunities with the right social media interaction.

Would you like to…

Feel in control of your recruitment?

Save time and attract the right people to your jobs?

Increase your quality of hire & number of employee referrals?

Save money on recruitment, failed recruitment and churn?

Discover the latest social media recruitment expertise here

Learn from an expert social media recruiter, experienced in full-cycle recruitment, both in an agency and in-house.

I’m Katrina Collier, an independent consultant on social recruiting.

Using knowledge gained in over a decade of in-house and third party recruitment, and over 9 years of hands-on social media recruitment experience, I will show you how to make the best use of social media as a channel for recruitment.

Whether you are just starting out, an experienced recruiter, or a company looking to modernise your entire talent acquisition process, I can definitely help.

If you’d like to make your recruitment time efficient, cost effective and painless, get in touch.

Proven social media recruitment methods

You could soon know how to recruit the right people from the right social media sites for your jobs.

You will discover how easy it is to how to hire on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a range of smaller, niche or technical sites you’ve never even heard of!

Importantly, you will know which sites suit your jobs and it may be the one you least expect.

Next steps…

To discuss your specific social media recruitment training needs [or to book me to speak] call me directly on +44 7917 880 711.

Or have a look through the different training options:

I regularly travel within the UK and around the globe to deliver training that is as flexible as you are. You can read what my clients think about it here.

Social media will help your recruitment, ask me how today.


“Thank you to Katrina Collier for opening our eyes to the power of social media recruiting, and most importantly, for teaching us about the creative ways to search practically every corner of the Internet for those elusive candidates. We had the most fun. I’m looking forward to putting my new found skills to the test. Katrina is very engaging, incredibly authentic and funny as well as being so knowledgeable. We had a great day and learned lots!”

– Emma Clarke, Senior HR Director, Conduit Global