Even Dilbert is checking you out…

Judging by the popularity of this Gilbert cartoon, we can all identify with the possibility of something not so great being spotted in our online persona! RT @GautamGhosh: Social Recruiting according to Dilbert. ROFL! pic.twitter.com/6ONPFiwPYA / Oh my!! ROFL!! Careful … Continue reading

Friday 5: Ok I have content, now what?

My week has been full of conversations about using content for candidate attraction and employer branding. From the buzz at AIA’s fabulous event to speaking with clients, watching people’s eyes light up at the thought of sharing fun insights into their environment and people, … Continue reading

#AIAInsight: Content, content, content!

It’s all we hear! So I couldn’t wait to attend this morning’s AIA event to learn even more about the value of content marketing in talent attraction. With such an engaged audience, it made sense to capture all the great … Continue reading

Friday 5: Profile Pic Perfection

Some weeks back an update appeared in my LinkedIn news feed that said: I am finding more and more often that people are overstepping professional boundaries, finding my personal social media and sending me inappropriate messages. None of us like … Continue reading

You bet it matters that LinkedIn have set your updates to Top!

I’ve been asking around and it appears that LinkedIn reset your Home page’s updates to Top each day. At a guess, the majority of LinkedIn users probably don’t know or care but it will be impacting on how far your posts … Continue reading

Friday Five: Social Recruiting Isn’t…

A few weeks back I was invited to be part of SAP Radio HR Trends with Game Changers, airing on 8th April, on the topic of Social Recruiting: Art or Science? Well that got me thinking. Art or science? Social … Continue reading

6 Tips For Better Sales Recruitment

Several years ago I watched a company implode after they hired the wrong Sales Director. Thankfully, I wasn’t part of the hiring process as it was heart breaking watching a great company become a shadow of its former self. Hiring your … Continue reading

Friday Five: 5 Technical Recruitment Pain Solutions

There are a multitude of reasons that you could be finding it a challenge to recruit the technical professionals you need. I could give you a multitude of ideas to try but in the spirit of Friday Five, here are … Continue reading

LinkedIn Removes Products & Services : Action Required

On the 14th April, LinkedIn is removing yet another useful feature, this time from your Company pages. You will lose your Products & Services… AND all of your Products & Services’ recommendations! I appreciate that you may be tired of … Continue reading

7 Ways To Look Confident When Networking

This is a guest post by Alicia Cuello, a specialist in non-verbal communication and founder of Underlying Communications. Ever get nervous walking into a room full of people you don’t know?                   … Continue reading