Friday 5: Smash Technical Recruitment Barriers

Fact: competition for programmers is extremely high! When I was speaking at TMA’s Social Recruiting conference in New York last week, I asked, “Who recruits techies?” and nearly every person in the room raised their hand. Delegates were from blue chips, across a range of industries, … Continued

7 Tips For Newbie Recruitment Bloggers

Want to be a recruitment blogger but don’t know where to start? Firstly, congratulations! You have made the right decision. Being brave and putting your opinions and advice down on “paper” will open unexpected and unimagined opportunities for you. “To blog is … Continued

Friday 5: My Secret List Of Article Sources

Some great article sources to get you going. Yesterday at Havas People’s Talent Bites event, on the topic of Talent Communities, Chris Le’cand- Harwood scared us all with this slide… and then led a great talk about content. He stated that the … Continued

Friday 5: The Right Way To Deal With CV Gaps

Change your approach to CV gaps! There is plenty of advice out there. Sadly, the advice reaching the people with large CV gaps is usually poor or incorrect. It is reactive, it’s repetitive. Little wonder it leads to feelings of depression and failure. … Continued

Illustrate Your Recruitment

Is it possible to illustrate your recruitment? Because my expertise lies squarely in helping you use social media to get the right people to your company’s door, I have built a wonderful web of people who can help you with other … Continued

RecFest Wrap Up Peace, Love & Talent

Recruitment Love from Reconverse Your environment definitely matters. And what an environment Jamie Leonard & the Reconverse crew created last week! Bright yellow flowers, a vibrant greeting, and an event like no other. Who knew that recruitment could be fun, fun, … Continued