Facebook At Work: Beyond The Hype

Facebook At Work is in the app store, but what does that mean? In its own words, “Facebook at Work lets you create a work account that is separate from your personal Facebook account. With a Facebook at Work account, … Continued

Recruiting on LinkedIn? This is for you!

Recruiting on LinkedIn, without a recruiter license? Read on! Have a recruiter license? Read on anyway.   Announced last week, LinkedIn is “increasing the visibility of your extended network in search” Hoorah, to those of us who search infrequently as … Continued

Social & Mobile Recruiting Go Hand In Hand!

At a recent AIA Worldwide in-house recruitment event, we were asked to test out applying for a job on our own career site using our mobile phones. The results were nothing short of a disaster! Many are ignoring the fact that social & mobile … Continued

Share The Social Recruiting Love!

To build your fan base, following, tribe, whatever you want to call it, takes time. It’s time well spent because it improves quality of hire, cultural fit, retention, productivity and, of course, saves a bucket load of cash. So why … Continued

Social Recruiting, It’s Personal.

Social recruiting is about having a conversation. It’s between you and your potential hire. Success comes from remembering that though social media is a public medium it’s not a broadcast channel like traditional job board advertising. Keep it personal, as you would … Continued