Recruiter, Are You Worth Talking To?

The world has become so incredibly noisy and demanding. Instant.   Last week I was chatting on Skype with a darling non-recruitment friend, unaware of what was going on in his world, when the stress of it all became too … Continued

Can You Love Your ATS? No, really.

At TruLondon last week, Lisa Scales from TribePad led a track called “You’ve lost that loving feeling, fall back in love with your ATS and stop hating.” With upcoming HRTech and my disdain for any ATS or recruitment database spitting jobs … Continued

How To Avoid Direct Sourcing Disasters!

When direct sourcing goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Social media has made direct sourcing an In-house Recruiter’s dream… and a nightmare. Because as much as you can approach passive candidates and promote your employer brand, your hiring manager can destroy … Continued

Write Job Post Headlines Like A Pro

Do you write job post headlines that grab attention? Due in the main to social media, our attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds. That’s shorter than a goldfish! Have you considered this when writing your job posts?   Caveat This … Continued