Instagram just got really useful for recruitment!

My 1344 photos may give you the idea that I have a little crush on Instagram, it’s a great app that gives you a cost-effective and easy way to provide insight into your company. Now, I confess, I’m besotted! As of yesterday, you can … Continue reading

Is your receptionist turning off top talent?

I’ve held an internal recruitment role in HR and I know that it can feel like the phone is ringing incessantly with sales call after sales call. So I see why you want your receptionist to screen your calls but … Continue reading

It’s your reputation!

Many buzz words have appeared since the explosion of social media and one of the most popular is personal branding. When I first heard the term I pulled a face  ‘Personal what?’ I thought. ‘Seriously, why not just call it … Continue reading

Insta-source with Instagram!

You may think that Instagram is just a mobile app that takes your basic iPhone or Android photo and transforms it into something verging on professional, like Banjo here on the left, but as Instagram has just reached 80 million … Continue reading

Recruiters can literally make or break a company!

Your company’s recruiters, or the agent recruiters you partner, with are the gateway to your company. The feeling they give a passive candidate or an active applicant can turn them off or keep them hooked. This can decide the fate … Continue reading

Where are my regular blog posts?

As someone who can be heard promoting the benefits of using regular blogging, full of great content, to highlight expertise or attract top notch candidates…  you may feel I’m being a wee bit hypocritical with my recent absence from the … Continue reading

Can’t attract candidates? Give them some insight!

Candidate attraction is a hot topic. Anyone who has heard me speak recently knows, that in my experience, I have found it is essential to provide insight when looking to attract the best. The last time you made a big … Continue reading