Interview: The Candidate Experience

The candidate experience matters!

TruLondon was created by Bill Boorman and is an “unconference”, which Bill describes as a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees lead the conversation. There are no presentations, no powerpoints, no name badges and no pitching.

Jobsite sponsored the event and ran a livestream of interviews and conversations from the leaders in innovative thinking around recruitment.

DeeDee Doke, Editor of Recruiter Magazine, interviewed me, Mike Wall, MD of job boards at Jobsite, and Lisa Scales, CEO of TribePad, about the Candidate Experience and what can be done to improve it.

Watch live streaming video from jobsitetrulondon at

Special thanks to Mervyn Dinnen for the opportunity.

Do you think about the experience job seekers have using your applicant system or career site? Is it simple? Can it be accessed on a mobile browser?

Have you had a great experience with an application system?

Do you think the candidate experience matters?