Need more LinkedIn invites? Try this!

How to get more LinkedIn invites.

LinkedIn spam is definitely on the rise and irritating though the broadcast messages & InMails may be (a post for another day…) amongst them is often a golden nugget.

Have you seen Extreme Makeover : Home Edition? A US feel-good reality TV show where they take people living in appalling circumstances, tear down their home and replace it with a dream house?  …I know, you thought you’d hear about LinkedIn but bear with me. ;)


Need more linkedin invites

So I see a LinkedIn message from Dave Fehr, he works for Alberta Siding Projects, and he is telling people about Calgary’s very own Extreme Makeover.

This not a project funded by a huge TV station, it’s their very own charitable one, with local trades donating their time & resources.

Dave is looking to raise awareness for the project by using LinkedIn to connect to a large number of people and receive ‘likes/recommends” for the project on Facebook. It makes sense to use social networks because the more “likes” the contractors see, the more they will feel inclined to buy into it and donate their time & resource.

What caught my attention was seeing his line, “I’m at my limit of [LinkedIn] invites that I can send. If you send me an invite to connect then I would be honored to accept it.”.

How ridiculous. Why does LinkedIn impose such limits?

Before I hear your reactions, I know it’s because LinkedIn want to restrict your connection (and group) reach so you’ll feel compelled to buy their recruitment solutions (unless, of course, you know how to x-ray search the site) …but anyway, back to my tale.

Dave & I exchanged a few messages about the imposed limit and what I loved (besides feeling the buzz of chatting with someone I’d never have “met” without social media) was that he furnished me with a way to get 3000 more invites. I told you, a golden nugget!

Dave feels happy to tell you too.

LinkedIn is totally automated, so when you find out how it works then it will work every time (at least until you get to the absolute maximum they allow which is 30,000 connections). Here’s the secret of how to do it:

You can use up your 3000 invites and ask for the limit to be increased every 30 days. If you do it right then you will start fresh with another 3000. As well, after a certain number of “I Don’t Knows” your account gets restricted a little and you will need to know the email addresses of the invitees before you can send them. This limit is also removed.

To get a fresh set of 3000 LinkedIn invites do the following:

  • Use up all your available invites so your limit is used up and you get the message saying that (with the link to increase your limit).
  • Once you’re satisfied that your remaining outstanding invited are either not accepting or taking too long to accept, open them one by one and click on the withdraw option under the invite. If you don’t see the withdraw button then delete it (it means they sent an I Don’t Know).
  • Once you withdraw all the outstanding invites in the sent-outstanding are gone then click on contacts and see if there are any outstanding invites shown at the bottom. You need to have under 100 outstanding invites before you get the fresh 3000.

If it says there are any outstanding invites there but the outstanding invites folder is empty then those are the ones that either never made it into the folder or were deleted before being withdrawn (LinkedIn still has a couple of bugs here). If this is over 99 then when asking for a limit increase, also ask that they be removed.

Here’s an example “Please increase my invitation limit. I’ve withdrawn all outstanding invites and the outstanding invite folder is empty but according to you I still have some. Please also withdraw any remaining outstanding invites remaining in my account on my behalf. Thank you.”

This works well and like clockwork. I’m new at LinkedIn and joined in December last year. It took some time to figure LinkedIn out (I like a challenge). As you can see I have a lot of contacts for such a short time since I joined. I typically use up my limit ASAP to give the invitees time to accept before the 30 days are up and I withdraw them. I have a week to go and will get another 3000 at that time.

Now you have heard of this fantastic trick, please go to his page Extreme Home Makeover, click the Facebook recommend (the same as ‘like”), and feel great that your tiny click can help make this charitable act happen!

Watch their first project’s new house reveal and feel inspired to click that button! :)


So has anyone heard of a way to join more than 50 groups?

Twitter feedback that Dave’s tricks work!

  • Dave Fehr

    Thanks for the exposure Katrina.

    Everyone reading this, if you would be so kind to go to the webpage and help me start the next project with your vote (recommend) I would be forever gratefull. We can change the world, helping one family at a time.

    Dave Fehr

  • Dave Fehr

    By the way. For any one LinkedIn. Please feel free to invite me to connect at – I will accept all invites.

  • Katrina Collier

    Hi Dave,

    You’re most welcome, I think what you’re doing is amazing!

    I hope you get lots of “likes” and therefore make this incredible gift happen.

    Katrina :)

  • Dave Fehr

    How do I follow your blog? I still can’t figure that out?

    Blogging virgin…

  • Katrina Collier

    Hi Dave,

    You can add it to your bookmarks using this

    I best add an RSS feed!

    Katrina :)

  • Katrina Collier

    Dave, there is now a subscribe button! Top right.
    Thank you for inspiring me to do it. Katrina :)