Add as a recruitment tool & attract more!

This recruitment tool will help you hook more great applicants! will make an excellent addition to your recruitment tool kit! Use it and snag more recruits.

May 6, 2014
By Katrina Collier

Add as a recruitment tool & attract more!
I happened across an article today that promised to convert your followers into users and customers, and immediately thought, wow, would make a great addition to your recruitment tool set! adds a message (call to action) onto every piece of content you share.

Yours or another’s! This is me taking a snip of’s about page:

sniply recruitment tool

There is so much potential to use it in your recruitment.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that content marketing is an essential part of attracting the right people through your employer brand.

Step 1 – define who you want to attract to your company & jobs.
Step 2 – find the right people to follow (for Twitter, grab the eBook).
Step 3 – share content that these people will be interested in – yours or others – so they follow you back and engage.
Step 4 – use!

Simply download the Chrome extension or install the Bookmarklet, and use it in conjunction with Buffer or Hootsuite. All I did here, was click on my Buffer extension and appeared like magic.


Try something like:

“Have you heard? [company] is hiring! [link]”

“Watch our latest video and see why our employees love us! [link]”

“Hear our [person] interviewed about our latest project”

How could you use as a recruitment tool?

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